Our care for the world continues in a vast unending network, connecting one person to another, leading to optimum health outcomes for all.

Kotwal is one of the fastest growing companies with many verticals in India with great vision and mission. Over the past one decade, we have been developing and progressing towards with solution benefiting human kind.
Our patented KPMW Plant is going to revolutionize the industry in many ways and provide safe and pure drinking water to all. Our patented kpal-32 unique anti microbial will be an outstanding breakthrough once trials are completed successfully. Our innovation-led drug discovery processes is aimed towards the health and well-being of people around the world. Our enhanced investment in innovation and a strong track record in research and development have produced medical miracles that are going to change our lives and make a profound impact on reality.
Being a care-focused, research-driven company in multiple areas, we are committed to complying with the highest ethical standard in clinical research and standard practice. We want to be valued not only for our pharmaceutical products but also many other researches which will change the way we live in this earth and the way we conduct business activities.
We want to lead our industry in demonstrating the application of cutting-edge research to ethical business practices in producing overall health outcomes for all human races.