81 Indian cities, including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, and states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, will run out of groundwater by 2025, affecting 100 million people. Our technology is cost effective in treating all this contaminated water bodies with no side effects, economical, 100% more than natural dissolved oxygen & eco friendly without disturbing the aquatic life.

Our kpal-2000 is the only cost effective eco friendly method to increase the DO (Dissolved oxygen) in all water body Lets take one city as an example like Bangalore - As much as 85 per cent of Bangalore’s water bodies are severely polluted. This fact emerged as a result of a two-year-long study of 681 water bodies, of which 392 are lakes. This, itself, is a scaled-down figure from the original inventory of 1,518 water bodies. The study, conducted by Bangalore-based Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), categorised 85 per cent of existing water bodies under the lowest grade—Class E. It means, their water can only be used for irrigation and industrial cooling.

Toxicity level and unsustainable use of water bodies

About 13 per cent of the samples collected were categorised under Class D (fit only for breeding fish and wildlife propagation), and the remaining 2 per cent under Class C (disinfection and conventional treatment to make it potable). Not even a single lake in Bangalore was categorised as Grade A (drinking water) or B (for bathing). Moreover, weeds are seen in 89 per cent of the existing water bodies. Of this, 11 per cent are completely covered by weeds. This division is specifically conceptualised dedicated to clean and rejuvenate the water bodies of entire India when our patented kpal2000 is invented which has extraordinary result on treating water