KPMW plant entire purification plant silver nano Technology Oxidane Pure is patented globally.

A global company based in INDIA & USA, introducing a proven technology for purifying water. Our technology was used for the last decade this technology has been used to clean water in many locations within the United States. This technology uses complex, yet simple, natural principle to purify water. This is silver bullet  Pure Nano Technology) for converting of all range of water mainly sea water to drinkable water with properties of Alkaline ph & Artesian water quality. The Leading water testing authorities and laboratory of USA has done thorough study on KPMW and given clearance on the purest form of water among the purified segment with near to zero impurities.
KPMW Technology purifies water with 3.92 lac TDS to less than 600 tds including  available cyanide to drinkable water with zero toxicity. It uses filters up to 5 microns same as used in filtration of drinking water provided to US president and is considered to be the best in the world because in desalination plant, waste production is the most worrying fact as approximately 50-60% waste generated has to be pumped back to the sea which has been affecting the oceanic life and the environment moreover cost factor of water production is also very high.
KPMW generates negligible waste while purifying from ground water, pond or sea water. Unlike other traditional desalination plants when sea water desalination takes place, it produces approximately 50-60% of brine liquid and other impurities which is very problematic environment wise and economy wise

How does it prove to be an excellent technology in purification process?

  • This Technology is a “Silver Bullet” to clean all contaminated water. (Except Radioactive)
  • It raises the temperature of the water up to 1000 degrees for a nano-second which kills all germs and removes all contamination s from the water resulting in zero percent toxic discharge. This process is patented and invented in USA by our scientists on board. Our Technology desalinates sea water waste with negligible salt & mainly in the form of silica less than 0.5% as end product. This Silica is a high quality fertilizer
  • This innovative technology uses natural hydrodynamics and atmospheric chemistry and assures to Clean any kind of water with “Zero” toxic discharge & 100% efficiency to produce Pure Water