In 2018, kotwal biologics limited formed a JV with lorven biologics limited organization with dedicated group of Scientists with state of the art technologies and highly trained t team to implement as well as expertise marketing specialists in service for providing perceptive and resourceful solutions in healthcare.

Lorven Biologics Pvt Ltd is a biotechnology company, is dedicated to give a global right to healthcare by addressing the global need for affordable, safe and efficacious,
bio-therapeutics, nutritional and pharma products. We are connecting modern biotechnology and synthetic biology with chemistry through affordable innovation thus to enhance the access to new product and process development for Bio-therapeutic products thus to reach the unmet need of global chronic healthcare demands.
Our pharmaceutical division already has more than 15 patented inventions under our belt and 5 more is under pipeline in which covid vaccine and test kits already got ICMR approval.

Here are few of the following:

1. LrCRM197

CRM197 is a detoxified Diphtheria toxin, which is a widely used carrier protein for protein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccines
CRM197 is used as the carrier protein for Menjugate Menveo (Novartis), Prevnar, Hibtter (Wyeth), Synflorix (GlaxoSmithKline) and PCV15 (Merck), etc


Liraglutide is used as a long –acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist and it regulates the insulin secretion
Until recently there is no academia and biotechnology companies having recombinant DNA based peptide Technology


Teriparatide is a recombinant DNA of parathyroid hormone consisting of the 34 amino acids bioactive portion of the hormone, used in the treatment
Teriparatide is sold by Eli and Company under the brand name Fortio
Our technology on teriparatide would benefit many pharma majors to decrease their cost of peptides production


Teduglutide ( brand names Gattex in the US and Revestive in Europe)is a 33 memebered polypeptide and glucagon-like peptide-2(GLP-2) analog that is used for the treatment of short bowel syndrome
It works for promoting mucosal growth and possibly restoring gastric emptying and secretion
Our technology on Teduglutide would benefit many pharma majors to decrease their cost of peptides production.

5.IGY Based Species Specific Snake Venom Detection Kit

Rapid on-site detection of venom from serum of victim or bite-site spill
Species specific detection (PAV not needed for treatment)
Cost Effective and affordable for rural and under privileged areas

Some Great Invention in the Field of Agriculture

Whatever we eat or consume on day to day basis plays a huge role in keeping our body healthy and active. Most of the times the food we consume or purchase is not according to our needs or is not fully enriched with the proper nutrients and minerals that one needs to have a healthy and disease free future. Under kotwals we have some extremely great patented inventions under this sector of Agriculture.

1.High Iron Rice

Here are the following:

Rich is the staple food for many third world nations including India. The nutrient content of the rice is carbohydrates, iron, calcium, thiamin, pantothenic acid, folate and vitamin E. Keeping the health benefits of the iron into consideration we at LORVEN BIOLOGICS produced high iron rice which can be added to daily diet.
About 30% of world population is suffering from anemia due to deficiency of iron in their regular diet. So adding high fiber diabetic friendly in rice (staple food for many nations) can solve this problem.


2.High Fiber Diabetic Friendly Polished Rice

Benefits to farming community
High price value - about 20% over existing
Moderate resistant to draught, pests and viral diseases as per the tested plot results
A rive variety with high resistant starch and dietary fiber and process of creation thereof

3.High Mineral Sorghum


Mineral nutrients play a fundamental role in the biochemical and physiological functions of biological systems can be. Mineral content in cereals like sorghum is also used as a food supplement in many nations. The total production of the sorghum stands 5th in the world which can help us in estimating the usage of sorghum across the globe.
Professionals at LORVEN BIOLOGICS have estimated the usage of the sorghum and its health benefits when it possess high minerals which helped them to took steps to produce high mineral variety of it. The sorghum produced at LORVEN BIOLOGICS has high minerals which will definitely fulfill the nutritional requirements of biological systems. Apart from this the expert packing increases its shelf life

4.Low Phytate Maize

The physic acid is the major component of the seed and it is mixed with the minerals cations such as K, Mg, Ca, Zn, and Fe. The rich content of mineral cations and inorganic phosphate levels will make difficult to digest most of the monogastric animals. Though phytate is good for animal growth the undigested phytate which is eliminated is leading towards phosphorous pollution. Keeping environmental pollution into consideration long with the nutritional requirement of animals LORVEN BIOLOGICS has invented “LORVEN LOW Phytate Maize” which meets the growth requirement of animals along with less or zero phytate elimination.

5.Value Added Feed Supplement

Many developing countries have witnessed the rapid growth of aquaculture and it will continue to grow in upcoming decade. Predominantly this growth can be witnessed in countries of Asia and Africa who possess small scale production. So, feed and fertilizers play crucial role in development of aquaculture.
LORVEN BIOLOGICS- we are experts in aquaculture with deep awareness in nutrient necessities of fish and their supply under practical farming conditions. Though the data on nutrient necessities are only available for a limited number of species our R&D team has conducted many investigations to provide the proper conclusion in delivering the value added feed supplements to increase the production and quality.

Inventions in Our Veterinary Livestock Products

Just like other sectors, Veterinary Livestock is also one of them. This sector is backed up with some exceptionally important patented inventions which straight away aim towards increasing the productivity of live stock industries and poultry farming communities.

1.Grow Star

Here are the following:

The use of sub therapeutic doses of antibiotics in poultry and livestock through feed and water to promote growth and improve feed efficiency was eliminated as a result of new FDA veterinary feed Directive .This practice has been banned in Europe since 2006.But the World Organization for Animal Health, say that “Without Antibiotics there would be supply problems of animal protein for the human population.
Antibiotics and substances that can destroy bacteria. They are widely used for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases and infections .while our understanding of how antibiotics work has expanded in recent decades, antibiotics are not new. Centuries ago, ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Central American Indians used molds to treat infected wounds, though they did not understand how or why these molds were effective. Like the rest of the animal kingdom, species of bacteria have many different characteristics that vary widely. Some antibiotics can be extremely effective against certain bacteria but may not work to treat other bacteria. That’s why it is important to treat problem bacteria with the correct antibiotics.

Benefits of Grow Star:

Lorven’s GROW STAR is an ultimate alternative for antibiotic growth promoters for the poultry and live stock production enhancement
GROWSTAR synergetic blend of Non-antibiotic Growth promoters included with probiotics, digestive enzymes, Immuno-stimulants, prebiotics, class of anti-viral herbal extracts and herbal anti-oxidants fortified with amino acids
GROWSTAR is specially designed and formulated with high quality probiotics and prebiotics for the maintenance of useful gut micro flora which will boost up the digestion and maintains pH levels which intern excels the performance of the bird.

2.IGY-Herbal Formulation for Mastitis Mitigation in Milking Cows

Mastitis, An inflammatory reaction (swelling, heat, redness, pain)of mammary gland leading to decreased milk production, milk quality, cow health and high treatment cost Specialized Chicken egg yolk antibodies (IGY) was generated for mastitis therapy and formulated using proprietary herbal adjuvant based technology .
Our technology on antibiotic free IGY proprietary formulation against mastitis would benefit many dairy industries and dairy communities to increase their productivity
Quality of the Product and Safety:

Antibiotic free therapeutic formulations
High efficient and no side effects
Fights against other infections including viral and bacterial
Cost effective and easy to use
100% antibiotic and chemical free
Antibiotic and protein rich formulation

3.Novel Antibiotic Free Bio Products for Profitable Shrimp and Fish Farming

• Shrimp and aqua industry facing great losses to viral and bacterial infections. Currently there is a strict monitoring on the use of antibiotics. Specialized Chicken egg antibodies (IGY) was generated for infectious disease therapy and formulated using proprietary herbal adjuvant based technology. Our technology on antibiotic (IGY) proprietary formulation against aquaculture diseases would benefit many aqua farming communities to increase their productivity.
Salient Features of Anti Mastitis IGY from Lorven Biologics
Antibiotic free therapeutic formulations High efficient at low volumes
Fights against most of the viral and bacterial infections
Cost effective and easy to use
Increased survival rate
Product Quality
100% antibiotic and chemical free
Antibody/protein rich formulation
Long self life

4.Antibiotic Free Therapeutic Formulations for poultry Infections

Poultry industries suffer losses due to major bacterial and viral infections .The usage of antibiotic is under scrutiny because of the increasing percentages of antibiotic-resistance microbes and disease prevalence.
Passive immunization of hen egg yolk antibody (IgY) is an emerging and promising therapeutic regime to control infections in livestock industry
Specialized Chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) was generated for target disease therapy and formulated using proprietary herbal adjuvant based technology. Our technology on antibiotic free (IgY) proprietary formulation against poultry infections would benefit many poultry and live stock industries and poultry farming communities to increase their productivity
Salient Features Of Anti Mastitis IGY from Lorven Biologics
Antibiotic free therapeutic formulations High Efficient at low volumes
Fights against most of the viral and bacterial infections
Cost effective and easy to use
Increased survival rate
Product Quality
100% antibiotic and chemical free
Antibody/Protein rich formulation
Long self Life