Life at Kotwal

Due to corona we have given facilities to work at home till  December 31st  2021.

“WE’RE A TEAM, WE WIN TOGETHER, we came together , we 

                   WE WORK TOGETHER”




What if we say that we’re family, what if we share our work as if we’re regular friends, what if we understand that you’re all worked up and need some time to breathe and relax. What if we say our people’s opinions, perspectives, ideas, and commitment is the biggest asset that we consider which is as important as our companies’ goals and objectives.


This is not just what we say; this is what life at kotwals is. Our employees and their dedication is the real factor that makes us believe in our growth, aspirations, and companies’ prosperous future. Making our employees feel comfortable in their own shoes and keeping a good track of their every minuscule need delightfully bring them a huge satisfaction, a hope for betterment, and leave them all fully pumped up and deeply encouraged.


Some of our most important employee-oriented mantras:


  • Strengthening employee relationships
  • Focusing on employee engagement
  • Providing professional development opportunities
  • Recognizing employees job performance
  • Fostering job security
  • Transparency in companies leadership 



Kotwal’s ‘people strategy‘contributes to the success of the business and is also a ‘feel-good’ factor for our employees.  We endeavour to provide a healthy work-life balance through many vibrant sports, cultural and social development activities. These extra-curricular activities help our people loosen up and have fun.

Our Passion towards our job responsibilities in cultivated as their own projects being implemented.

Because we believe that A happy mind of employees will create a big work force and a Global Company

All through the year, we organize several extra-curricular activities as well as cultural activities to cultivate a multi-diversity culture. Several occasions such as Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, Women's Day, Holy, and more are celebrated.

Extra-curricular activities celebrating employee passion like singing, dancing, reading, etc. are planned.


Sports Activities

Across campuses, we have planned to create sports clubs with an aim to enhance the physical well-being of our employees and foster teamwork and sportsmanship. The sports clubs maintains the competitive spirit of employees by setting up inter-house tournaments such as cricket, badminton, volleyball, etc. Our corporate campus is equipped with a gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball and lawn tennis courts, table tennis facility, yoga room and library for recreational purposes of our employees.