Growth & Developments

Kotwal Group of solutions


                       BELIEF, STRENGTH AND TEAM WORK

                                                        CONVICTION, COMMITMENT AND CURIOUSITY

                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT, GROWTH AND CHANGE

Due to corona we have given facilities to work at home till  December 2021

We believe in developing and evolving career paths of our employees for continued growth and success. We hire the best minds from the industry and leading business schools for our business, and nurture them through a host of innovative learning and development initiatives. Apart from contributing to their professional growth, Kotwal also provide a conducive and diverse environment that builds and strengthens employees’ personal capabilities.

At Kotwal, our focus has been to motivate every resource in accepting their full professional responsibilities while fostering teamwork in the group.


It’s been said and we completely believe in it that “what you start there’s no end to it, growth and development should never stop”. The kotwal group of companies being the most effective and dynamic force in providing the best solutions for every challenge that triggers a change, for every challenge that generates curiosity, and for every shortcoming that reflects a ray of hope.


We have chosen the journey of ever going development and change, so we embark on it proudly. Our company The Kotwal Group has been working progressively and enthusiastically towards creating solutions for humankind that could benefit them in numerous ways.

Currently investing in 9 verticals which is a beautiful combination of different sectors of life such as biopharma, Infra mining, Green Revolution, trading, water Treatment among others. We keep the best and profoundly unique patented inventions and technologies in each of these specific sectors which in turn make our hard work and solutions strongly productive and infinitely potent. We aspire to be a part of many other sectors in future and bring prosperity and needed developments in each one of them through our experiments and inventions.


“Our journey defines us for who we are and our growth is unstoppable”


We have been just growing let it be our thoughts, our perspectives, our curiosity, and most importantly our solutions in terms of technologies or best and unique products. We intensely believe that one should never stop learning and take every phase of life as a great opportunity to make wondrous miracles. Our peoples’ passion for bringing a change , for bringing a light of hope in the world “where difficult is being labeled as impossible” propels them to keep on experimenting, to keep on discovering, and to keep on marching on the path of discovering something undiscovered and unthinkable.