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Owned and operated by  Sukumaran Radha Promoth Kumar

Our prestigious division BLACK CUP CAFE  owned by sukumaran radha promoth kumar created specifically for production and revival and establishment of big projects & business. BLACK CUP CAFE does also play a reliable name in the world for offering integrated technical consultancy services, Publishing service and masters in DPR Creation.
Embarking on the journey of great success and powerful challenges is of course not an easy task as it needs tons of planning with the right resources both human and capital. Investing into the right work plan and opportunities is what turns the wheel of fortune in your favor .But it’s all worthless if you don’t keep a track of your every move related to your business and trade. So this is where the BLACK CUP CAFE proves to be remarkably satisfying and efficient, providing the service for DPR (Detailed Project Reports) helps an entrepreneur to keep the business under control and manage it with super efficiency.
We at BLACK CUP CAFE  are dedicated with passion and enthusiasm for helping young entrepreneurs is a real encouragement to proceed with a business start-up right from providing basic information to technology evaluation, sourcing and assimilation of detailed project reports, market survey studies and research through our advanced Industrial, Business and Commercial Databases
We prepare the detailed project report from agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, latest green house etc with original cash flows from planning, sources, govt rules, implementation plan, buyers & sellers database etc to submit to the bank.
Being a provider in abundance and highly multifarious fields BLACK CUP CAFE provides consultancy services in countless number of major sectors. As we all know it, very well that before we prepare for any project or an investment in nearby future. We always need to prepare a stable work plan, blue print, our study material for the venture and of course the most important the project and market reports which cannot be neglected in any scenario. The market in which you are about to invest needs scanning, 2nd consideration and pre-feasibility study. So an entrepreneur knows in advance that what will be the targeted market ,what will be the most likable preferences and what are the sections that needs the highest contribution and consideration for a successful venture.BLACK CUP CAFE plays a huge role of being a perfect multitasked by performing and offering great services In these particular fields. Its various services are as follows:
• Pre-feasibility study
• New Project Identification
• Project Feasibility and Market Study
• Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities
• Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies
• Market Surveys / Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
• Identification and Selection of Plant /Process / Equipment
• General Guidance
• Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects
We charge 33000- 78000-3,000,000 USD for the internationally accepted DIGITAL VERSION  of detailed project report dependency upon the seriousness and technical complexity of the project with accurate customer/clients database. This duration is 45 days to 4 months time. The DPR well prepared and rechecked will be given digitally as it is highly confidential and  will be delivered to you by mail or in pen drive. And we accept orders from all over the world. And from those NRIs who wanted to start new projects are our major clients.


We charge after giving the service hence any payment given is completely non refundable and it is meant for the services and  digital products availed.

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