Lorven biologics private limited

In 2008, kotwal biologics limited formed a JV with lorven biologics limited organization with dedicated group of Scientists with state of the art technologies and highly trained t team to implement as well as expertise marketing specialists in service for providing perceptive and resourceful solutions in healthcare. Lorven Biologics Pvt Ltd is a biotechnology company, is dedicated to give a global right to healthcare by addressing
The global need for affordable, safe and efficacious, bio-therapeutics, nutritional and pharma products. We are connecting modern biotechnology and synthetic biology with chemistry through affordable innovation thus to enhance the access to new product and process development for Bio-therapeutic products thus to reach the unmet need of global chronic healthcare demands.

Capital pure LLC USA

Capital pure LLC USA 

NEWTONLABS- Many Innovations benefitting the human race.

Pharmaceuticals venture & medical divisions trading
Our goal at NEWTON LABS is to provide effective solutions designed to make this human race live longer happier and safer.
Our R&D headed by Mr.G.Selvam is doing research on finding solutions to many problems affecting humans today. Many of our products is in the final stage of releasing testing and releasing specifically to the needs of challenges we humans are facing in treating diseases and infections thus converting the dreams of success

Madhyam India private limited

Madhyam India Private Limited (MIPL) and its group of companies, is a shining testimony of a vision synergizing with achievements and absolutely committed to serve for glorifying India through their vibrant vision into 3600 approach of development of Global Society and commands unexcelled expertise in infrastructure building, entwined with rich technical prowess in the construction of roads, multi-lane highways, bridges, housing projects, mining and so on. And very soon MIPL shall be metamorphosed from a core infrastructure company to a diversified infrastructure entity.
Madhyam India Private Limited deals in the following:
i) Coal mining, coke and Similar product
ii) Public Relations, Media Production and Telecommunication Services.
iii) Manufacturing, Production & Trading of Primary, Secondary and Luxury Goods.
iv) Construction & Development in Real Estate and other Infrastructure Projects.
v) Providing Consultancy Services of all kinds in India or elsewhere in the world
We work in a collaborative environment with our clients to help realize their corporate mission and vision; while remaining sensitive to economic realities. Our mission is to formulate and articulate our business vision. Once established, we help to realize it through the talents of our business, marketing, creative and technical experts. We work together in a team to identify corporate best practices and lay the groundwork to achieve goals and optimize your strengths.