Dr. Venkataramana. M, completed Masters in Microbiology from Andhra University, Vishakapatnam and obtained PhD degree in Biotechnology from Defence Food Research laboratory, Mysore University, Mysore. More than 50 international peer reviewed publications, 13 patents, 8 text book chapters for his academic scientific credit.
He gained over 10 years of experience accountable for the development of immune therapeutics including protein therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies/ vaccine products for human application. Vaccine immunology and immune diagnostics, with diverse backgrounds that includes leadership roles with ability to supervise product development from strategy design to process optimization and market linkages. He has rich experience of delivering Bio derived API with thorough understanding of the Regulatory guidelines pertaining to vaccines and Bio-pharma space


2017- OTV Best social entrepreneur finalist.
2017- Social Innovation grant from DFID Villgro.
2016- Young Scientist @ Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences.
2016- Associate fellow @ Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences.
2012- PR Verma Best Research paper award @ Association of Mycology and pathology.
2011- Best Research paper and speaker award @ Association of Microbiologists of India.


Managing Member and Chief Scientist
Mr. Fernando is an inventor and entrepreneur associated with many new technologies dealing with advanced energy efficient products. These products will provide innovations in the energy efficiency of buildings, individual comfort from a controllable & portable heating and cooling device, and advancements in manufacturing capabilities for products being developed in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Prof (Dr.) Dhirendra Tripathi

Prof. Tripathi is a postgraduate Genetic Engineer and Recipient of the Joint National Award for Innovative Technology. He has been responsible for the development of various innovative technologies adopted nationally and internationally for Food and Agricultural Production. He has an honor of Commissioning the first Spirulina Mass production plant in India and to develop its process strategies for increasing productivity.

He is an Associate Member of the Innovative Research Association of Uttar Pradesh. and International Science Congress USA. He has the honor to work with the team of Genetic Research Scientist for the development of genetic solutions to various diseases at Hamburg (Germany).

With his rich experience of 35 yrs at the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Hamburg) and at the school of Rio-Technology. Pune, he is responsible for various landmark achievements in the field of Genetic Science. He has also represented India. During National and International Technological meets at various scientific meets. Add to it Prof. Tripathi has the credit for presenting 43 journals at the science congress the USA and an award of Robert Welch Fellowship (Huston).

Name : G Selvam 
Education : BE Chemical Engineering 

Total years of experience 

And worked with BWSSB For 5 years as a PWD Scientist 

And worked on Hussein Sagar project for 7 years for water treatment with the CM of Andra Pradesh 

And worked with Andra Pradesh Pollution Control Board for 3 years on lake treatment 

And worked with BBMP as a water treatment scientist for 6 years 

And researched the flies and mosquitoes can be controlled by this unique treatment techniques approved as a chapter for  PHD final year virology by the Karnataka Vaternary animals and fisheries science 

And also attended multiple level 3 steering committee meeting and represented the unique technique of treatment

And also treated multiple lakes in India and well known research Across the globe and present working with Kotwal biologicals as a Chief Scientist.

invention of Kotwal miracle anti viral (KMAV-20) one and first of itz kind in the world by the chief scientist of Kotwal Biologics limited and now we are stepping towards the final testing process of antiviral miracle water so that the magical Antiviral properties on all kinds of existing viruses bacterium protozoa and other microbes those enter into self destruction within 7.8 seconds which is already proven clinically.


Antiviral Miracle water produces super oxide and this eurozone plays a fundamental role in prevention as well as treatment of viral infections such as the Covid-19. Suprozone has anti-microbial action which damages the viral capsized and upsets the reproductive cycle by disturbing the virus to the cell contact with preoxidation. Suprozone increases our most potent radicals scavengers and cell wall protectors, glutathione,  peroxidase, catalase and super oxide dismutase.
This suprozone will prevent and protect the body from this Covid -19 viral infections with suprozone and sinus insufflations.

It has been proven that suprozone and ozonites destroy viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core resulting in damages of the Viral RNA unlike healthy cells. Which posses complex enzymes system, superoxide dismutase, catalase,peroxide, viruses have no protections against oxidative stress. Therefore making viruses like corona virus (Covid-19) vulnerable to superoxide. 

Proven results of Antiviral miracle water till date are up to the satisfaction and unbelievably shocking results as its effective on all kinds of existing viruses.
(Selvam Chief Scientist)

Dr Argie Rumann


Managing Member and Chief Engineer

Argie Rumann excels at bridging the gap between science and engineering with distinction and diplomacy. A seasoned engineer and technical manager, he is recognized as a passionate leader with a multidimensional vision of how to use disruptive technologies and scientific discoveries to engineer unique solutions.

His accomplishments include projects for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Science Lab (Curiosity) Rover, THEMIS, MMS, LandSat 9, and the James Webb Space Telescope just to name a few. From 2008 to 2015, he was a program manager and chief engineer of an engineering contract at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he led as many as 125 direct reports that he personally recruited, interviewed, and hired to serve in various engineering, science, and design disciplines serving more than 60 spacecraft and flight instruments for the U.S. space program.

Hildebrand Argie Rumann has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).