CURE N CARE HEALTH SERVICES our Medical Tourism establishment under the umbrella of Kotwal group of companies have been designed with niche system in this trade with air support and ultimate satisfaction to the end users. Become a part of the $100 billion medical tourism industry that is enabling patients around the globe to secure assurance of treatment, regardless of cost, location, or procedure.

Welcome to India

India aims to provide rich-quality experience combined with a holistic approach for the overall wellbeing. Kotwal group offers activities and programs promising and delivering healing, personal growth and intense pampering and relaxation in the safest and most secure environment.

Holistic wellness

Holistic wellness retreats for relaxation, weight loss, diabetes management and other individual goals are developed in guidance with licensed professionals ; Wellness Nutritionist and Functional medicine Doctors combining relaxation and rejuvenation in form of Detox and Cleansing through yoga and Mindfulness , Emotional wellness , Spa wellness and fitness . Medical Tourism

Healthcare like food and shelter is the basic need of Humanity. Given the potential India as a healthcare destination, the healthcare tourism sector can be a major source of foreign exchange for a country. India’s health care sector has made impressive strides in recent years and the country is increasingly projected as a "healthcare Hub". Several features have positioned India as an ideal health care destination like cost effective healthcare solutions, availability of skilled healthcare professionals, reputation for successful treatment in advance healthcare segments increasing popularity of India’s traditional wellness systems and rapid strides made in information technology.

Healthcare tourists from USA, Europe , west Asia African region, and Gulf are primarily reported to be travelled India as the cost and efficacy of getting treatment in the home countries is far expensive than what it is in India.

A section of tourists from different parts of world travel to India for traditional health care services Such as Ayurveda yoga and other Indian System of Medicines practiced here in India